These fake apps from the Google Play Store have a grudge against your encryptions – Loses $20,000 and alerts

A scam carried out with brilliance – The number of scams linked to the blockchain and cryptomoney scams is countless, as the majority of users are new. Today, Uniswap has been used as a pretext to deceive careless investors who want to use the service on their mobile phones.

Negligence on the part of Google

As a reminder, Uniswap is a decentralised exchange which does not yet have an official mobile application like the wealth matrix review. It has more than 1.3 billion dollars in total blocked value, making it the largest decentralised financial exchange.

In view of the enthusiasm for Uniswap, a team of crooks hastened to develop a mobile application for the Google Play Store for Android devices. The application was based on the Uniswap codes (logo, colours, functionalities) in order to give users confidence. Due to Android’s perfectible security, the scam was (unfortunately) a great success.

Watch out for your private keys!

It was Alex Saunders, founder and CEO of Nuggets News, who alerted the community about this scam. The man explains that one of his lients would have lost 20,000 dollars in this fake application. Indeed, the user would have entered his private key, thinking that he would connect his own decentralised wallet to Uniswap.

At the time of the tweet, the application had received 123 (probably false) positive reviews on the Play Store and was still available for download. Subsequently, a massive wave of reports made it possible to quickly delete the application.

In view of the upsurge in scams around the blockchain, Google would be inspired to seriously rethink its security system. Fortunately, the rapid reporting of the scam has helped limit its power to cause harm.