The NFT market in turmoil: an „alien“ CryptoPunk sold for $ 762,000

Amid a booming market for non-fungible tokens (NFTs), an ultra rare „alien“ CryptoPunk sold for $ 762,000. CryptoPunks are considered to be the project that inspired the CryptoArt movement.

A $ 762K CryptoPunk

A non-fungible token (NFT) from the CryptoPunks collection was sold this Saturday, January 23 for 605 Ethers (ETH) or $ 762,000 at the time of acquisition.

CryptoPunks are widely regarded as the pioneering project in the field of NFTs , since they predate the creation of CryptoKitties and the ERC-721 standard.

Larva Labs behind CryptoPunks report that the collection has generated $ 26 million in sales since inception, and that the average sale price of a Punk over the past year has been $ 6,199.

CryptoPunks are 24×24 pixel , algorithmically generated digital works of art . Most are punk-looking men and women, but there are a few more rare types such as monkeys, zombies, and even aliens. Each punk has their own profile page that shows their attributes as well as their sales history ( see an example ).

The Punk ( # 2890 ) which sold for 605 ETH is one of nine existing Alien Punks . It had been acquired in July 2017 for the modest sum of 8 ETH (approximately $ 2,127), a very interesting return on investment for the seller.

Who is the acquirer?

The new owner of the NFT is a decentralized autonomous organization (DAO) called FlamingoDAO. The collective aims to invest in digital works of art. The official FlamingoDAO official said on Twitter:

“It’s simple: CryptoPunk is a revolutionary project (…) Aliens are the rarest form of CryptoPunk and we believe it will be appreciated by collectors over time and become an iconic digital work of art  ”.

Falmingo’s decision to outbid this “rare opportunity” would have been taken in 25 minutes on Discord.

“It’s understandable that people are skeptical about NFTs, but in our opinion, NFTs are the future of not only digital art, but all digital property as well . “

The craze for NFTs does not seem to end. Earlier this week, a collection of digital artwork on Rick and Morty sold for $ 1.65 million .

British exchange hacks and suspends lootings

The main cryptomorphic exchange, Exmo, lost 5% of its assets in an apparent hacker attack.

British Exchange Exmo suffers hacking and suspends lootings
Exmo, a UK-based exchange of cryptomites, suffered a major security breach, causing the platform to suspend all lootings.

According to a 21 December security warning, Exmo detected suspected withdrawal activity on Monday, with large quantities of major currencies such as Bitcoin (BTC) leaving the platform’s hot wallets.

Maria Stankevich, head of business development at the Exmo exchange, told the Cointelegraph that the incident „is nothing too serious,“ as the hot wallets affected account for 5% of total assets held by the exchange. „Let’s stress that all the assets in the cold portfolios are safe,“ the announcement said.

According to the announcement, other cryptomaps affected included Ether (ETH), XRP, Tether (USDT), Zcash (ZEC) and Ethereum Classic (ETC). The exchange mentioned corresponding crypto portfolios that were likely to be involved in the hack, asking the global exchanges to block the associated portfolios.

Stankevich noted that the exchange has not yet calculated the value of the losses, claiming that Emo is now focused on tracking the movement of withdrawn funds.

He launched a security investigation and also reported the case to the London police. The company asked users not to deposit funds in Exmo’s portfolios until the problem was resolved. „We want to assure you that if any user funds are affected by this incident, they will be fully covered by Exmo,“ the company said.

In early December, Exmo received a temporary registration from the UK Financial Conduct Authority, allowing it to continue trading for a long period until 9 July 2021.

Bitcoin stagna, ancora in crescita del 10% questa settimana

Bitcoin, ancora nel bel mezzo di una corsa al rialzo, ha rallentato negli ultimi due giorni.

Bitcoin ha avuto un paio di giorni lenti.

Ma è ancora in corso per la settimana e l’anno

Anche alcune altcoin stanno rallentando.

Il prezzo del Crypto Cash continua a salire, anche se i guadagni sono arrivati meno regolarmente negli ultimi giorni.

Oggi è aumentato solo dello 0,57%, dopo essere sceso di quasi il 4% ieri. Il suo prezzo attuale è 19.119 .

Scarica l’app Decrypt

Ottieni la nostra app per le notizie e le funzionalità principali a portata di mano. Puoi essere il primo a provare il token di decrittografia e molto altro ancora.

La recente stagnazione di Bitcoin è un punto debole nello schema delle cose: Bitcoin è aumentato di quasi il 10% questa settimana e il prezzo è ancora fermo oltre i $ 19.000.

All’inizio della settimana, Bitcoin ha raggiunto $ 19.846 , rompendo il suo precedente massimo storico di $ 19.738.

Altre criptovalute hanno trascinato Bitcoin nella sua stagionalità. La seconda più grande criptovaluta per capitalizzazione di mercato, Ethereum , è aumentata di poco più dell’1% oggi a $ 593, ma questa settimana ha avuto un guadagno del 12%. XRP , che ha recentemente superato Tether come terza più grande criptovaluta per capitalizzazione di mercato, è sceso di circa l’1,6% oggi e di oltre il 4% per la settimana; ora è seduto a $ 0,58.

La stagnazione riflette un modello più ampio nel mercato delle criptovalute; la capitalizzazione di mercato complessiva è aumentata solo dello 0,78% oggi, a 565 miliardi di dollari.